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Tires are among the top most important pieces of your Audi vehicle, but are often forgotten until it's too late. Whether you're driving with 18-inch all-season tires on your Audi Q5, you're looking for perfection with the 19-inch tires on your Audi A6 sedan, or you're cruising around with the 20-inch tires on the Audi Q7, you'll want to ensure that they will provide you with plenty of traction and are ready to take on the Miami, Coral Gables, or Pinecrest streets.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Audi tires.

  • How Do I Know If My Audi Needs New Tires?

    Just like a shoe, over time tires wear down and the tread, which helps you stay firmly on the road, will become too worn and will need to be replaced. To check your tires' tread, most people use the penny test. -- What is the penny test? You take a penny, place Lincoln's head down into your tread. If you see his entire head, then you need new tread.

    You should also check the side walls of your tire for any cracks, which will result in a blow out if not replaced. If you can see Lincoln's head in the penny test or you notice cracks in the side wall, it's time to locate some new premium tires for your Audi vehicle.

  • How Do I Find The Correct Tire Size For My Car?

    Finding new tires for your Audi model is a simple as ever. If you know the size of tires you need, you can input them into our tire finder tool, but, if you don't, all we'll need is the year, make, model, and trim of your Audi and we'll do the rest.

    If you want to find the size on your own, the collection of numbers on your tires is the code you need; for example, 215/55R16. The first three are the width (215), the middle two are the ratio (55), and the last two are the diameter (16).

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  • Why Should I Get My Tires Rotated?

    Tire rotation is very important. Each tire wears differently, depending on how you drive, what type of roads you drive on, and what your daily route is, and not all four tires wear evenly. To ensure that you get the most out of your tires, it's important to rotate them often. In fact, it's recommended to rotate them at every oil change.

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