Maintenance and automotive repair can often be put off due to the cost. Our professionals know how important these services are, so we want to shed some light on pricing and the reasons you can trust our Audi dealership. If there is more that you would like to know, just reach out to The Collection Audi in Coral Gables.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a major part of owning an Audi in Miami, as well as any other vehicle. This includes things like oil changes, tire rotations, brake work, and more. These services can all be found at our dealership's center. We are trained to offer our customers excellent Audi maintenance, so be sure to choose us when you need any routine service.

Timeframes and Importance

There is one major timeframe that you should always keep in mind. Audi itself urges its shoppers to take their cars and SUVs in every 10,000-miles. This standard window will greatly help keep your vehicle running just the way it should in Pinecrest. An Audi will only outperform your expectations and the competition if you keep up with these needs.

Costs You'll See

Depending on what your specific ride needs, the costs are bound to change. One great benefit of working with our service center near Doral is that you can utilize specials, savings, and even Audi maintenance programs. All of these offers work to make your service visit much easier to handle. Feel free to call one of our professionals to learn about our current service coupons!

Visit Our Dealership for Premium Audi Maintenance

At The Collection Audi near South Miami, we are committed to giving you a wonderful service experience. That includes making Audi maintenance more cost-effective for our shoppers. From our professional experience to our impressive savings, there is no reason not to choose us as your next Audi service center.

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