Driving through big cities, like Miami, can be touch, especially when you don't know exactly where you're going and there is traffic surrounding you that requires your eyes on the road at all times. To safely find your next destination on the MMI® navigation system, put on the music that you love to pass the time, or get in touch with one of the contacts on your phone, it's imperative that you use the available voice command features. You can access your navigation, telephone, radio, and media functions all by speaking as if you're talking to a passenger in your Audi vehicle and can even switch seamlessly between two functions by just saying the word.

Here's how the Audi MMI® operating system Voice Commands work.

  • Activate - First you have to turn on the system. Make sure that MMI® is on, you aren't in reverse, and you aren't on a Bluetooth® enabled phone call. Then press the talk button on your steering wheel (the one that has a head with sound waves) and listen for an activation beep.
  • Choose Your Function - Once activated, a list of possible commands will appear on the MMI® screen and all music and navigation will pause. Simply speak your command or say cancel, if you've accidentally hit the button. If you'd prefer, you can also hold the talk button down to cancel.
  • Which Command? - There are two types of commands, Global Commands and Function Commands.
    • Global Commands - Can be accessed from any menu. Example: Help, Telephone, Enter Destination, and etc.
    • Function Commands - Can only be accessed in a specific menu. Example: Set Station in the radio function or Enter Number in the telephone function.
  • Tips On How To Use Voice Command
    • If you don't know which command to use, simply say Help
    • Speak naturally. Don't shout, speak too fast, or too slow. Don't overemphasize your words.
    • Keep looking at the street when talking
    • Use individual speech training to customize your Audi's voice commands

Drivers from Miami, Coral Gables, Doral, Hialeah, and beyond, will love the voice command feature in their Audi model, especially when traffic becomes a problem or you find yourself lost in the maze of Florida streets. To learn more, feel free to contact our staff or stop by The Collection Audi in person.