The Tesla Auto-Brand Will Soon Have Some Stiff Competition From Audi

Back in the fall of 2015, a thrilling concept car from Audi was revealed that is sure to provide some serious competition to the Tesla Model S and Model X. The Audi brand just recently took another step towards making this concept into a reality; a fully-electric e-tron Quattro concept SUV is now available for pre-order! This vehicle is reported to enter the market sometime in 2018, and so far, the details surrounding it are extremely impressive. Below are some of the highlights:

  • This Audi SUV will be powered by three electric motors and will run on a single charge for roughly 300 miles!
  • It is expected to possess piloted driving technology, fully-equipped with radars and ultrasonic sensors.
  • It's possible, though not confirmed, that side view mirrors could get replaced entirely. "With what?" you may ask- digital cameras.
  • If the concept car is accurate, production versions should be able to charge in less than an hour!
  • The interior cabin is rumored to be full of screens.

While this information is limited, it indeed is exciting. Stop by The Collection Audi if you want to chat about this high-tech upcoming SUV. We can't wait for more details to be released!

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